ClipDown Video Downloader Review


Sometimes, you want to download a great video from YouTube or other social media platforms for a later watch, only to realize it’s impossible. Don’t’ fret. All you need is ClipDown Video Downloader.

This popular software is designed to download videos from well-known video sources such as YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, and many others. It offers a reliable and fast downloading experience alongside additional features. 

To learn more about ClipDown Video Downloader and associated features, here is an extensive review to read.

How to Get Started with ClipDown Video Downloader

Getting started with ClipDown Video Downloader is quite straightforward. Simply download ClipDown from the official website. However, ensure that you choose the correct version for your device’s operating system (OS). Afterward, select download, and the download process will commence. 

The installation process is available in steps. Simply click the Next button and proceed through the steps as the system guides you. After a successful installation, you will see the home screen that enables you to download videos from various sources, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and DailyMotion.

How to Download YouTube Videos Using ClipDown

Considering that YouTube is a common source for many to download videos and one of the most visited domains, let’s go through how to download videos from the platform using ClipDown. Besides, the software is easy to use; if you can use it to download videos from YouTube, you’ll be able to comfortably download from other sites.

Downloading in various formats is also possible on YouTube. To start downloading, simply copy the link to the YouTube video of your choice and paste it into ClipDown. The software is designed to parse the video and provide a list of available quality to download your video.

The available qualities of the video will depend on the video. A user may have the option to download the video in 4K, 1080p, 720p, or as low as 480p quality. As higher the quality is, the larger would be the video size. Regardless of the size, you can download the video with ClipDown.

For videos that come with subtitles, you can download them by using the Download Subtitle on ClipDown. It’s important to note that auto-translated format means YouTube made the transcription of the statements made in the video, and there could be hilarious errors.

Additionally, the video downloader enables you to choose your preferred folder to download your videos. Simply use the “Browse” button to select your preferred location on your PC. Now, choose “Download” to commence the process.

Other Features Available on ClipDown Video Downloader

  • Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

With ClipDown, you can extract audio from videos available on YouTube. To do this, choose “Extract Audio” after pasting the link of your preferred video – and not the “Download Video” option. This option allows users to download the audio in different formats, including M4A, OGG, and MP3. Since the visuals will be stripped away, the file will be available in a very small size.

  • Download Multiple Videos at Once

While several video downloaders only support an option to download a single video, ClipDown performs better. You can download videos in bulk by pasting a YouTube playlist link. This will be automatically parsed by the software and ready for download in a single click. In this way, you’ll be saved a lot of hours.

However, there could be cases in which the videos are not only on one place. Users can make a playlist on YouTube, then paste them into ClipDown Video Downloader to download multiple videos at once.

Available Upgrades Using a License

As a user, the developer of ClipDown Video Downloader allows free trials. In this free trial, a user can download 5 videos freely. This allows users to check out the available features on the software. 

If you love the software and would like to purchase the full program, you can choose from the available license package below:

  • 1-Month subscription at $9.95 per month
  • 1-Year subscription at $19.95 per year. 
  • Lifetime subscription at $29.95

Ready to Start Downloading with ClipDown?

And there you have the functionalities and features of ClipDown Video Downloader. The software is found to be fast, cost-effective, and reliable in downloading videos from several domains, especially YouTube, in a variety of qualities.

While the free version works excellently, you can enjoy more powerful functionalities for only a small price. Wants to get started downloading your favorite videos, try out ClipDown Video Downloader.

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